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  1. Is there a way to have your free linden from a premium acct be created in an adult area instead of mature?
  2. What I eneded up doing was abandoning the entiore parcel and getting a new one
  3. When I right click I get a yellow outline of the area and only the options Sit here, go Here, Create, about land and Edit terrain
  4. My friend can see it but walks thru the walls..I cant see it at all
  5. Through my own fault but..I got a new shiney linden and tosse dsome stuff in it adn I soon was no longer able to talk up th stairs..walked right thru it..as well as the entier side of my house. So I removed all of the stuff and no go..then i selected the house and choze 'Derez' and the house is now gone...how do I get it back?
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