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  1. Hello! I absoloutely love doing this kind of work. I could proabably get the job done for around 10,000 Lindens. Just private message me for further details .
  2. The price your asking for is a little low but I can probably do work like this for around 20,000 lindens. It'll take me a bit but I can easily try and piece this together for you. I'd want your roleplaying experience in second life to be a good one . Just private message me for more details.
  3. Always happy to help with this kind of work. Just private message me for price and specified details so I can get started.
  4. Sadly we can't make you an exact replica however I love making cusotm avatars for people and if you have any other kind of request I'm always here to help. Just specify what you want so I don't mess it up haha. This kind of thing usually takes me less than a couple of days so if you ever want to hire me just message me. From that point I'll give you my fee and we will get started
  5. I love doing stuff life this for people. I'll be able to help create your costume as near as I can to the real deal (without it being trademarked and illegal, yada yada). My usual charge is 5,000 lindens so if you're interested just message me back and I can get started right away. I would hate to keep you waiting on something that could really make your avatar stand out
  6. Is it true Secondlife raised its prices :0? I went to transfer and buy some lindins a few minutes ago and suddenly the scale said something like this... 2,500 = 10.50 3500 = 14.06 These prices are insane!!!! What happened overnight? <:'/
  7. I aappreciate the post < Now im pretty positive im using Viewer : Second_Life_2-7-2-233432_Setup im so happy ive finally caught somebodys attention < noone else seems to be having this problem
  8. Lately I have been real surprised by a terrible thing.... I have viewer 2 and i have been happy with using it but in recent weeks i was taken back by a terrible outcome.. ~When i tried to type in something in the search bar i pressed into and it brought me to the normal search classifieds... but when i tried to click on a place to teleport into, it would not let me travel there.... i was greatly distressed but it would not let me travel anywhere unless i click only on the Paid Classifieds... i am greatly confused by this... What is going on?
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