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  1. Hello, everyone! I'd like to extend an invitation to our community! We are a supernatural-masquerade, victorian era, roleplaying community with a strong story focus. Our staff philosophy is one of mutual respect, where we treat our community members like the adults they are, and give them the freedom to weave their stories without someone breathing down their neck all the time. We've come to the end of a sim-wide rebuild! (With only a few finishing touches to complete.) So everything is brand spankin' new and carefully thought out to give you an intensely spooky, very keen sense of an industrialising town in post-industrial revolution Britain. You can view snapshots of our sim on our official flickr group! Alternatively you can also view images of our build updates in my personal flickr album! For more information, please view our website! The website is also getting a much needed content revision, which is already largely underway, with a new page design and more detailed information! This weekend we are celebrating Halloween with an All Hallows event running from Friday the 28th til Monday the 31st! Ontop of updates to existing content we're excited for additional character options in the coming weeks! So come and join us in the Fog! (SLurl) Please note that ours is an adult roleplaying community. Child avatars and characters below the age of 18 are not allowed. Furry avatars are also not allowed, as they are outside the immersive environment of our community, sorry! Czertza Resident Co-owner, Community Manager & Webmaster for Fogs End
  2. The vast majority of any roleplaying community on second life is based in either North America or Europe. That means that Australians, New Zealanders and people who fall into those time-zone sets have to try to be around during the peak North American hours. I'm an Australian and have been around a while, and have been in Gor in the past, there's never been an Australian specific time-zoned sim for roleplaying.
  3. I've been peeking at this sim for a day or two now. Just dropped a character application in. How long does it usually take to hear back from people?
  4. That's actually a really important distinction that was hashed out during a "town hall meeting" on the sim a little while ago. There are definitely science fiction and cyberpunk elements of inspiration in the sim, but it is removed from any of the central cyberpunk themes, and cannot be described as cyberpunk. If you're looking for a mega-corporate world of intrigue and machine dominated life, Age of Ruin is not the experience you want.
  5. You're actually entirely wrong about this, as are many others who spout the same ninny-talk. The meshes are not ripped from the game. Many of the newest meshes being released - and there are only two sellers throwing out quality, mesh, ME stuff regularly, are created from scratch by 3D artists and offered up under a creative commons license. The difference in quality between the two big ones simply comes down their ability to rig meshes. Neither are particularly good at that, I might add.
  6. I want to start off by saying my question *has* to have come up before, but I simply havn't been able to spot an adequate solution - no matter how many searches I make. Secondly, I want to say that it should not be this damn difficult to do what I'd like to. So either I'm incredibly stupid, or someone's havin' a laugh at my expense. So, it's pretty simple. I've got my DAE mesh. It's just a single piece outfit. I want to rig the thing so that when I upload it, it won't look like picasso sneezed on SecondLife. Now, I simply have no idea how to rig the mesh, and none of the video tutorials I've found help *at all* because either their presentation sucked bad, or because they were using older versions of Blender. By the way, I am using the latest version of Blender. I mean, this single thing *should* be simple, right? It should be a manner of step by step? So why is it being such a right pain in my backside? If anyone knows of a good guide for the latest version of Blender, that'd be fantastic.
  7. Czertza

    gor lite?

    That has very little to do with anything. I roleplayed Gor for just over a year and not once did any of that make a difference. The same goes for many of the people in my circle, who had also either read the books or gone to great lengths to keep to them despite not having actually read them - with the guidance of the people who had. What that comes down to is the individual, and the quality of roleplayer they are. In roleplay in general, you won't find people behaving like idiots, by and large. The only reason Gor is different is because the bulk of the community are more interested in 1on1 stories, emphasising the slave/master roleplay scenario, and wanting to protect that at the cost of everything else. Those people don't get into Gor because they're into the fantasy world. They get into it because they want to button mash and win fights like they would in other games, because they want to get their jollies off in a d/s scenario, and just happen to like the idea of getting to be either super pretty or super manly. What you've said isn't really at all applicable. I asked for examples in roleplay, things that happen, discretions that might require some adaptation and blank filling. I didn't ask for an example of bad roleplayers who don't know how to manage their ooc & ic.
  8. Czertza

    gor lite?

    Slaves are not accorded weapons as a measure against slave-uprisings. That's a given, and is implied several times throughout the series. Tarl's slaves, on any occasion where they did carry a weapon, had more to do with the story of Tarl than it did a general contradiction to the way things are. Remember that Tarl Cabot is the protagonist, he's the Conan of the series, and he's also from Earth. Unusual events happen to the story-driving protagonist. I don't think it's right to use circumstances exclusively surrounding the main protagonist as a showmanship of what Gor was actually like, and how the majority of *Goreans* (not Earthlings) behave and what they demand. It's interesting you bring up Panthers. Panthers are not "warrior women." In fact, there is a whole chapter in the book that goes through the process of explaining that Panthers are no more free of "womanly desire" than any other Gorean woman. That they forbid themselves those desires, and because of that go through a savage heat in the middle of some evenings. Additionally, Panthers are northern exclusively. They hunt for panther skins in the northern forests and that is where they get their name. Panthers are also usually fair skinned and blonde. More importantly, they *avoid* civilisation because they know that if they ventured too far from the safety of their forests (which are already under threat by raiding parties - as is illustrated by the Ubar of Ar going there) they are likely to be captured with overwhelming force. Panthers are guerilla fighters, they set traps and use stealth to avoid capture and to capture the unwitting as they venture into a forest they do not know how to navigate. The essence of their "warrior"-ness is based in their desire to remain free of slavery. The book makes clear that, within the mythos of Gor, they want their femininity as much as any other gorean slave does. Think of Panthers like Free Women if they were to live in in the wilderness, and did not have the same social command that women of the cities do. They are hardly warriors, they are survivalists who know their terrain better than the men who venture in to get them. That's all. You don't need to quote the books to me. I've read them in their entirety, and have the information *in context* already. I think you need to bring some context to the romances that happen in the books. Now, I'm not saying romance can't be present. Nothing wrong with loving a slave. But again, contextual and unusual given the protagonist (and other particular individuals - like Kamchak of the Tuchuuks). But regardless of that, who said you cannot love a "beast?" I love my cat, I love other animals. I'm sure if I had slaves I'd probably love some of them too. Does that mean I'll let them go running free and do whatever they want? No. If I believed slavery were natural would I free them to love them? No. What you are won't change because someone loves you, and because the Gorean idea of justice is completely different from ours, they have no impetus to liberate slaves in general.
  9. Czertza

    gor lite?

    As someone who has read the books, jwenting, I'd be interested if you could elaborate on that? Could you give an example of something that you feel the books were ambiguous about, that y'all try to fill the blanks on? I ask because many, many people have said that, and often they are incorrect because very few of them have actually read even one book.
  10. Well by all means, drop me a line. In world you can find me by searching for Czertza. So far, I think my favorite sim with any traffic is Dagobah, though I wish there was a decent amount on Korriban again. You can usually spot me on either of those sims regularly.
  11. I'm a bit late to this thread, but the one thing you could do to really understand Gor's basics is to read the first book. It'd only take you one or two days to get through, it's relatively short. Reading up to book 5 is what I'd recommend, but the first is enough to get the idea without having taxing too much time. Doing that'll provide a great deal of context to Gor in general, which is handy for someone who's only ever seen the stupid elements that get exaggerated by people who have done no such thing. Seriously, the Panthers, for example? I don't think many of the folk who play them realise that they're relatively tall (as far as women go in Gor - due to the social constructs and institutionalised "survival of the fittest/male dominion," women are physically inferior to most, if not all Gorean men), blonde, fair skinned women. Think of Nord women in Skyrim. (Afterall, the inspiration for Northern Gor and Skyrim are one and the same.) They also don't tend to bring slaves into their fold. They prefer to sell them off as callously as their slavemasters would have. So yeah, knowing what's actually in the books is quite handy. Beyond that, though, you'll be hard pressed to find anything that is actually Gorean on SecondLife. Many of the sims are what folk call "Gor Evolved." Which is basically their way of saying, "inspired by Gor, but not actually Gor." To each their own on that. If you do get into it, expect the slave elements of the Gor fantasy world to be exaggerated to the point of ridiculosity. In fact, expect that nine times out of ten? All anyone will care about is getting their jollies off in slave/master play - fantasy style (which is, actually, only one relatively minor facet of the world - though is hashed out more and more in later books). My last bit of advice is to focus on storytelling within that fantasy world. If you do that, you'll find a great niche of roleplayers who'll want you with them. Try to avoid people who do not separate the reality from the fiction. Lifestylers, and people who are obsessive about Gor on SL tend to be batsh!t insane, and drama is going to follow them everywhere they go.
  12. Right-o. So I've been around the block when it comes to roleplay on SecondLife. I've done everything from SWRP, to Gor, to sims like Llorkh, to sims like District X and much, much more. I went on a long hiatus mid-last year, and now that I'm back? Everyone, nearly, that I knew in a variety of roleplaying circles has vanished. (Kray, if you're out there still, holla at a bro.) So I'm sitting here the past two - three days wandering SWRP sims. Listening and watching and waiting, hoping to find a few folk. Most of the time, I can only find one or two people online, and when I am around when others are, the roleplays are too complex and well established for me to just burst on into. As an aside, I really think someone needs to take the initiative and the risk of dropping these combat systems altogether. Any other genre of roleplay only uses *one* kind of CS, and it is usually free (excluding DCS2, the most widely used combat system). SWRP has a uniquely over-saturated "market" of sorts, and it's been that way for years. This whole, "YOU MUST WEAR A COMBAT SYSTEM AND IT MUST BE THIS PARTICULAR ONE" thing is really, really uncool. The only time those stupid scripts are useful is when button mashers want to fight it out like they were playing a first person shooter. Any other time they're just a hindrance. I just think that it creates an uneccessary problem. No other genre has that circumstance, I don't see why SWRP should. It'd be better off to not use them at all, except for when combat calls for it, and then offer a few options to be agreed upon at the time. Just sayin', it's the smoothest way to do things, and it means no one has to spend lindens that they don't want to on something that is, essentially, a big piece of poop for people who like to throw poop. So... uhhh, back to point. If anyone wouldn't mind a new pal, someone who's been around a long while (almost 5 years), who is adaptable in how he roleplays, and someone who is okay with me being completely casual, rather than completely comittal, please give me a yell, I'd really like to make a couple of friendly faces to make this whole come-back of sorts easier. :)
  13. Howdy-ho, fellow scripting ameteurs/veterans alike! I've been posed with a question from a friend, and while I can get any number of seasoned scripters to help her out and be done with it, I'd like to do it myself as I'm learning the ins and outs of script making / scripting objects. Here's what I'm hoping to achieve, and no doubt y'all would have seen scripts like it in any number of places. First, upon clicking an object, I'd like to activate a menu dialogue. The menu would have two options, in this case, "Tear Down" and "Read Poster." Clicking the "Tear Down" option would change the text of the object, as well as disable the objects ability to give out notecards. Perhaps, after the "Tear Down" option is selected, any future clicks would instead prompt a message in local saying something like, "You try to read the torn poster, but fail..." or something to that effect. Clicking the "Read Poster" option would deliver a Notecard to the person's inventory. Is this at all possible? Any help with these scripts would be fantastic. Links to resources are greatly appreciated also!
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