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  1. Hello and welcome on SL.

    For your goal 1, there are two ways to improve your appearance : edit your shape (or buy a shape if you struggle too much with the sliders) or get a meshbody. However the option 2 (to buy a meshbody) might get you off your budget as you'll have to buy a new skin and an applier too.

    I see you're coming from Imvu and dressing your avie here works very differently. We've different ways to dress our avie : clothing layers for the default avatar, rigged meshed clothings that requires to adjust your shape to fit in, standard fitmesh clothings that stretch with default avatar shape, fitmesh clothings for one meshbody that stretch with one specific meshbody (maitreya mesh clothings, belleza freya mesh clothings, etc...) and also appliers that paint a clothing on your meshbody. So be ready to hear about rigged meshes, fitmeshes, appliers, standard avatar and meshbodies.

    And alphas too. That's what is missing to hide your default feet (see Littleme and angeoco posts).


    For your goal 2, I can't really help as I don't rent on a themed/community sim but one thing I can tell : be careful with the privacy options if you don't want all your neighbors to cam into your house 24/7.

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  2. 8 hours ago, OptimoMaximo said:

    Edit: that's what i proposed at the beginning of the Bento Project in the creators meeting, by the way.. A revamp of the classic avatar with everything improved, from the foul UVs to the weights. An Avatar 2.0 is out of scope for this project, was the answer...

    I think you convinced me too.


  3. What Rhonda said : authentic doesn't mean original.

    Authentic usually means it's not a copy so and by extension, everything that is not copybotted is authentic on the marketplace.

    While original usually means unique, created personally. Many event items are original when they're made from unique meshes created personally by the creator.

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  4. "Should" is a big word so rather they "should consider". But personally I caution diversity over uniformity. I'm not conformist enough to support this state of 90% event items for Maitreya only that creators are forcing us into.

  5. Right now, the most popular meshbodies (i.e. : those with the widest choice of clothes) are : Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique and Hourglass, Belleza Freya and Isis (not Venus) and Tonic Curvy and Fine.

    But I'm not sure it'll fix your problem.

  6. 15 minutes ago, QuirkyKrystaline said:

    I have Linden $s to spend, would prefer to keep the entire process under $3000

    This is usually the price for just the meshbody then there's the head.

    If you look on this blog : http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ it tells you price and contents for each meshbody.

    Then I would suggest you look in the marketplace what kind of clothes and outfits you like there and note for which meshbody there are designed for. It'll help you to fix your final choice based on what you like.

  7. 21 hours ago, anna2358 said:

    The way I do it is to add a new shoe, and then edit it's parameters, the important ones seem to be Heel Height and Platform Height. 

    They don't change your hover height but we can use them as a trick to modify our overall height, then combined with an alpha it looks like we're adding some hover inches. Depending on the shoes I'm wearing I'm editing these values to modify my height and added to an alpha it looks like I'm closer or higher above the ground which is a trick good enough to adjust the hover height of my avatar (as pictured by @angeoco ).

  8. All the most popular meshbodies allow a great variety of shapes. I've seen very curvy shapes with Maitreya and very slender bodies with Slink Hourglass. Sometimes I'm playing with the sliders on Isis and Freya and it's possible to have very different figures with them. There are also Eve slim and curvy that offers different curves. Tonic Curvy is strange mix with a big chest but a slim butt.

    And then there's the clothing variety. I believe this factor shouldn't be neglected to choose a meshbody.

  9. On 25/12/2017 at 9:03 PM, MaggiJin said:

    (...) Curently they look fine from the front, but weird from the side. if i adjust the cleavage and gravity sliders a bit, they look weird from the side AND weird from the front. i just can't win!!

    Is this just a thing with the maitreya body? with all mesh bodies? I'm just tired of endlessly changing my shape and still being unhappy with it.



    I don't see where's the weirdness here? Is it the shape of the breast itself?

    If so, you might want to try Tonic or the Slink bodies, they've a different breast shape.


    On 25/12/2017 at 10:54 PM, MaggiJin said:

    I've tried belleza, overall the shape is nice but similar its the breasts i don't like. they're very... pointy? I've also tried both slink bodies and physique has other weirdness goign on around the hips, hourglass i couldn't get it into a shape i liked anything about.

    If you're looking for the perfect meshbody, it doesn't exist. While very aware of the pointiness of the breasts, I still do love my Belleza Venus nonetheless.

    I don't think I can help for your shape, I go with something very different :


  10. 11 hours ago, Prokofy Neva said:

    That was back when there weren't more than 5000 people logging on. Today, it's more like 30,000 at a time.

    Yes, I suppose that with 30k SLers logging in every day, LL would need to dedicate more employees. Not to mention how some users can quickly become unfriendly. I remember when Ebbe Linden invited the employees to log in more often... few weeks later he had to reinforce the ToS regarding the attitude toward LL employees, enough said.

  11. On 20/12/2017 at 7:48 PM, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Also, like mentioned above, the "average" SL user would just mess things up royally if they had the ability to mod things.

    Backup copy is a modder's best friend.

  12. On 20/12/2017 at 5:15 PM, janetosilio said:

    I recently got into modding, I know this topic is old. While I can definitely see the benefits of modding things and the reasons for making things non-mod are kind of ridiculous; there are a couple of things that need to be considered.

    1) you have to keep in mind the average SL user. The average SL user can’t make a shape or figure out how a hud with more than three buttons work. This really isn’t an insult; the point is most people want things as easy to use as possible. It’s just human nature.

    2) There are steps creators can do that would make the mod community a little happier. One is  also sell mod versions of things, but charge a little more for them. The second is to set up something where a group of mod minded creators get together and establish some kind of store or cooperative that sells items that compete with no modders and undercuts them.

    That’s really the only way you’d see a change take place.

    1) And vice versa. If they're not provided an opportunity to edit stuff, they'll never learn.

    2) Or the other way. Since many creators justify their no-mod behind a form of pride as to keep their products unique then no-mod items should be priced up compared to mod.

  13. The default LL avatar has always been polygonal. One of the reasons why so many people are geting a meshbody (your second picture).

    You'll never look like the second picture with the default LL avatar, you'll need a meshbody (obviously the Maitreya on your picture).

  14. I'm too young to follow this talk.

    You got: Girl in her mid-teens

    You're still in school, working your way through your exams and spending as much of your free time as possible chilling with your friends. You're probably wishing you were already old enough to be allowed to do stuff like go out and drink, but you're at an age that you can still afford to have loads of fun, so treasure it while you can.



    I think that the next time I'll feel old and tired, I'll just go and do this test to feel young and fresh again.

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