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  1. Any other scripts I could try?
  2. Its annoying because I straight copy pasted it
  3. This is a screen shot of what happens, http://uploadpic.org/v.php?img=iQe2vt12VF
  4. Would I put the name of the texture or the asset UUID between the quotation marks? (name != "") Also what any clue what "illegal character <> 65279" means?? Thanks!
  5. What would that be? Also I have a movie screen that I want to just loop with a quick clip of something, could anyone point me to a tutorial or script that I could achieve this with? and what format can the clip be? Like does it have to be a .GIF or can it be .MP4?
  6. WOW!! Thanks for all the replies, I got it to work perfectly Now am I able to do the same but with textures and without the light. Its for a piece of wall art, so an avatar can touch it until they like what they see. Thanks!
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