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  1. Hey guys, i am a Digital Artist / Photographer on SL. I created a photo studio because i was sick and tired of the insane prices other photo studios charge for there work. After going to a few studios, i said to myself "ive been using photoshop for years and can create photos of this calibour in no time" and thus i created my photo studio, high quality photos for low low prices, because art is priceless, so why pay more? So come on down and give me some work to do for you :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lebettu/226/234/1501
  2. i have a studio thats set to searchable its on a mature sim, and is ust a photo studio. its showing on search as an adult place even though its only on a mature sim its reducing my traffic because its set as adult and not mature. what can i do to solve this problem? the studio is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Polyakov/172/155/305
  3. I have loads of meeroo nests as im a breeder and seller of nests, but this new system, the direct selling system is resstricting me from uploading any of my meeroo nests ~angry face~ anyone know why this new system doesnt support no-copy items? or if its just a momentary bug from so many people using it? or something
  4. basicly... every time i change skin it looks fine for 5 mins or so. but then over the mouth jaw ans cheeks a black mask shape appears on what i can only assume to be the skin layer, i have used these skins for a fw weeks now and this is the first time any problems with them have happend, does anyone know whats wrong? if need contact me to see for yourself in-game my user is xChrisSweetx
  5. Hey guys, idk if this right topic for this but... every time i use a tipjar that uses profile picture all it ever loas is a gray screen... ive tried changing my picture on the viewer profile, and on the online profile, ive tried uloading to the website and paying 10lin to upload it as texture and doing it that way, nothing seems to work. anyone know how fix this?
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