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  1. I think that is neive. The Lindens do watch and respond here incognito, Feel strongly that Peggy"Sue" is one as she repeated the same things the rude telephone support person said. But no mater, I am gone from SL for good now. So, this conversation is moot. Have a nice life.
  2. Conddiering your gun ho attuded toward the wonderful Lindens, I'm really ont interestred in anything you have to say. THAT PERSON WAS RUDE and Unknowlegabler. I was there. You were not there. End of Subject
  3. Did you not read what I said. I DID call Linden billing support
  4. First I checked with PayPal first. No problems on their end and very cordial there. Second: The "helpful" Linden billing person started out saying that she never heard of this before and that it must be my fault. Things went worse from there. It is apparent to me that the Linden staff does not give a rip anymore. So neither do I. They don't want my money, then fine! They don't get anymore. Third: And thank you for implying that my issue was not "Legit". Are you actually that person I talked to?
  5. Get the following message when I attempt to enable billing througn PayPal An error occurred while processing your request. The use of this PayPal account has been restricted.and it's so restricted, I can't even buy one Linden Called telephone billing support, NO HELP AT ALL and was VERY rude about it. Have you Linden "Gods" become so arrogant that you won't even take my money now?
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