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  1. When I logged in today, I was a kind of blobby-logging avatar wearing no clothes. I use Phoenix, and the "Worn Items" in my inventory showed that I had clothes on, but I wasn't wearing a skin or a shape. I tried to wear a shape and got the message "Can't change appearance until clothing and shape are loaded". I've relogged and cleared my cache several times, and my inventory appears to load completely. In fact, the skin and shape that I was wearing the last time I logged off are there, but I can't put them on. Help! What can I do?
  2. I have a Linden home that contains a sex bed. My gf and I were cuddling there today when someone outside the house operated the menu to put us in a sexual position. I objected and said I would report the person, who responded that it's a violation of the TOS who have a sex bed in a "Mature" region or in a Linden home. Is that true? I searched the TOS and CS and can't find anything about it. If it is true, I will of course remove the sex bed, and I'll also cancel my premium membership and surrender the home, since the only reason I got it in the first place was so we would have a place of our own for romance and sex. If it's not true, is there a way to keep a person from operating a menu from outside the house?
  3. I have a new premium membership and a Linden home, but I don't quite understand how the ownership works. My girlfriend can't rez anything or run scripts there. I'm shown as the owner of the land on which my house is located. Can I form a group, containing just my gf and myself as members, and then deed this land to the group? Would that make her a co-owner so she can rez things and run scripts?
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