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  1. I am a manager at a club and I try to give people from bloodlines and similar RPs a chance however when patrons come to me about people bugging them constantly to bite them or harassing them, I have a responsibility as a manager to then go talk to the person being accused of such things. A majority of the time they do stop and I do not need to take any actions. Others sometimes do go back to randomly IMing the patrons AFTER I say "Hey I am sorry but we are a bite free zone. You are welcome to stay but please refrain from asking for blood." or come at me with a very bad attitude when all I did was ask them politely to stop. I will eject people who respond like this without a second thought. I do not tell them to stop, I just ask them kindly. Luckily enough only a minority respond in such a manner. I can not speak for others, but I would think that if a person has enough incidents with the minority, things become a turn off to them and they might become jaded towards such RPers and thus react in a severe manner. It is not neccessarily discrimination in cases like this, just people trying to prevent those who they believe to cause trouble away. It may not be fair and perhaps more people should be given the benefit of the doubt, but this is how some peoples' minds work. Having said this.... A garlic necklace? Really? It is stories like this that made me not join SL like 2 years sooner than I did. That is definitely going a bit far. I can find no excuse for that one because there is none.
  2. Not entirely sure if this is the spot since I don't use the forums often however I have been having issues with my magic box connecting to the marketplace. Now I don't know if it is because I haven't tried selling on the newer marketplace (I was on xStreet last I sold things) or if its something I am doing that is causing it, but for whatever reason my inventory does not register when I try to put things up for sale. I have checked the status and it says its online but I just cant get the inventory from it. I am at a loss and would really like the help. Things I have tried: -Restarting via the menu in game -Purchasing a new magic box (In case they updated the vesion I had) -Changing the perms on the items I wish to sell -Refreshing the sync numerous and updating my store information -Placing the box in different places as a test to see if land permissions are the issue
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