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  1. okay so.. I could find the Metachat in the App store which is compatible with the Iphone for almost 4.00 (four) USD. Is not free. I cant load the world.. only text chat. But thats exactly what I needed. Thank you everyone for the reply have a good day!
  2. Hey guys, what App are you using for the iphone?
  3. This is very helpful. I was doing all wrong. Thank you so much everyone.
  4. Oh that it is very possible. I have build the boxes without changing my position but rotating the screen all the time for a better view. Thank you so much for your suggestion. I will start over again.
  5. By deformed I mean it loses the original shape and position of the buttons when i attach to hud as shown in the picture below - And please be so kind to link me the section where I can post if I need help building a HUD. Thank you
  6. Hi guys. I make a hud and every time I attach it gets deformed and the buttons lose their initial position. There are no scripts inside. Does anyone know what am i doing wrong please?
  7. Im making a texture hud for my products and i'd like to have sound on each button. If I trigger a sound it will be heard by my customers as well?
  8. Hi guys. Anyone knows where I can find a simple script to add a sound to my hud buttons?
  9. Develop / Render Metadata / Lights - that I was looking for! thank you!!
  10. Does anyone know how do I find objects which own light turned on? If i remember well that was in pathfinder long ago. Or idk where exactly... it was the option to filter objects that contained sounds and lights.
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