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  1. How does someone get rid of the L4L Gestures and Walkers griefer thing?? help please, by friend is desperate
  2. thank you all :-) going to think hard..... but still peeking in for new answers.... I also found a firebrand one that looks good
  3. performance too... I did not bleep myself and have not so much experience here and did not realize it would be censored :-) laughs
  4. I can and did, but there are various options and I just wonder what peoples experiences are...
  5. I have seen various special **bleep**'s from firebrand, lotus etc and I wonder.... what is best Anyone knows what the best product is at the moment and what other great body enhancers are available right now? I would love to receive a few tips Thx
  6. I gave 2 items yesterday to differnt people as gifts from marketplace, both did not arrive, one person was online and the other wasn;t Any one knows if more people have this problem right now?
  7. downloaded radegast, it is EXACTLY what I need !!! thanks!!
  8. That is a very helpful suggestion, do you, by any chance know which ones are the ones I could use? I read all the descriptions but could not filter out which ones are for slow computers...
  9. I do not alays have access to a viewer and would like to organize my wardrobe etc in an easy way. so I wonder if there is another way to access your inventory, like on a website or so?
  10. someone gave it as a gift and I have no products folder
  11. Hi Just got a watch names rolex special and I know it has features for making poseballs but how do I use it?? please help
  12. thanks for all the answers I have found the da vinci garden and an island to open boxes on :-)
  13. found it and it ws great shopped for 2 days :-) thx
  14. The market place is AMAZING! but only a small part has been imported ..... does anybody know why? or how can prevent this? or is the rest coming later?? Can I reactivate them coming in?? please help...
  15. Hi, O found some great free clothing using the market place, but where can I unpack te boxes? All areas I go to refuse to let me open them. And I got lots and lots of clothes, but just a small part has been imported. Can SL only import a limited number of clothes and do you have to accept them first before you continue? Thx for helping me!!
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