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  1. I did get what I need, a new Tutor! I'm very glad and looking forward to the lessons. Therefore I've made this last post to inform (and close) this thread. **
  2. Thanks Bobbie. But this is a thread for a personal Private Tutor... I'm specifically asking for that. Only. Please, please, if anyone here plans to reply with a reference to a Group that gives general classes and such, please don't. I'm not shunning your kindness, just really want to get down to the point of the Orignal Post.
  3. Okay yeah. I did go to that place and sent the invite request. Multiple times. Never got a reply. I didn't want to bring up its name in my original post, but since you've mentioned it, there ya go. And the LSL Wiki is not gonna answer the specific question I have about the stuff I'm learning. See, being willing to pay for personal tutoring means that you want someone to help you with very specific points on a subject. I could look up answers to stuff all day (as I have, over and over) or I could offer someone an opportunity to earn L$ by personally helping me at my own pace. That is specifically why I posted. Thanks for the suggestion... I'd like to try this route for now.
  4. I need 2 kinds of tutors. First, as much as I do know that we have in-world sites to take scheduled lessons and also very detailed areas that introduce us to the whole language, I need someone to help me put all of those pieces together to make sense for me (that's the way that I learn best, personally), so: I need a Tutor for learning Scripting in SL. Yes, I will actually pay L$ for this. I"m not rich, though, so PLEASE don't charge me some kind of astronomical fee. I'm no fool and you can't fool me, watchoo talkin' 'bout?! (heheh) Just respond to this post or send me a PM, let's discuss this over tea. Seriously it's frustrating for me to go to classes for 'Scripting for Beginners' because it teaches all of the Bare-Bones-Basics that I already know, and I can't ask the teacher to go to specific things I need to understand cause that gets "ahead of the class". And I've tried joining Groups that offer to answer questions but I either never get the required invite for one or, if I ask a question in others, NOTHING. NO ONE EVER ANSWERS ME. EVER. As if I've offended someone for asking a question they think I somehow miraculouslly should ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO. >.> And I've Googled and YouTube'd the HECK out of things I've been looking for and get zip. Ooookay, I'm sorry for that. Just PM me... Okay, moving on..   そして、私はすでに少し日本語を知っている。 私はそれを改善したいと思います。 私はあなたのレッスンの支払いにL $を使用します。 このポーストに対応してください! お願いします。  *^_^*
  5. Thanks, Thinkerer, I've met lots of people in SL. But I wanted to give posting here in "Make Friends" a try as well, just to share more detail to others about myself and attempt to find friends through the Forum.
  6. I am an RP-er, Explorer, and a hang-out-and-chill type of person. I play casually (I'm not on 24/7), but I wouldn't mind finding new friends to be logged in more often with. I'm a (Happily!!) married woman who grew up getting along with guys way easier than girls, I'll admit, but I would like to meet -anyone- who is relaxed and patient with me. ( XP *kinda embarrassed* :catembarrassed: ) I'm a bit shy to begin with, not good at bringing up topics, but I'm making the effort to step out of that. If anyone would like to IM me, feel free to do so. I'd like to meet and learn more about you, too.
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