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  1. OK, my voice won't work yet voice is on in the land I am in It says i buy something yet I have not several of my HUDs wont work WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON?!
  2. my friend gave me a meeroo she hadn't done anything with for a long time, and I being a navice meeroo owner didnt kno tht if u dnt, they starve and then run away cuz they are hungry so, short story, her meeroo ran away from me so i tried to use the whistel of returning but i need its ID which she doesnt hav sooooo wat can i do? Dx this meeroo is very important to me cuz shes my best friend so can sum one please help Q_Q
  3. k so heres the low dow Last night, i bought 7 or so objects 6 from one person 1 from the other and like I didnt get ANY of the things i bought so, while one was nice and redelivered for me the other has a policy not to understandable, I respect that but they recomend I file a ticket with Linden Labs to show I really didnt get the items how the f- do i do this? because i can't figure it out,
  4. ok i keep getting these outfits tht look OMG a-maze-ing BUT when i try to put them on i get a shape >.> in stead of clothes <.< i hear there are mesh areas or sumthing?? idk but can sum one explain thsi to me? can u only wear them in mesh places? and if sum one doesnt hav a viewer tht supports it or wat ever does tht mean they see u with the shape? >.<
  5. i went to a club and saw thsi awesum dance animations but hav been unable to find any on marketplace and i cnt search inworld places any ideas?
  6. I've been trying to put items up on the market place, but I have NO CLUE how to do it Dx some one told me I needed a magic box and told me to set something up but now I can't find what I set up and I am confused DX
  7. I have bought 3 outfits now and I can not find them in my inventory the only thing I noticed is that then they came, I was on busy mode I noticed that the latest one said "You silently accept" and yet I still can't find the outfits what do i do?
  8. Ok I used my credit card to buy Lindens and I thought I was being charged 30 $ but I see something that says 1.000 and if thats the case I'm going to get murdered so umm how do I find out how much I'm being charged and is there any way to make that price go down? Like selling back Lindens or something ugh I feel sick some one please save my ass
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