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  1. I've looked for a while now and can't find anything. I'm not even certain it can exist. Anyway... OK - No laughing ;) I need a script that allows someone to tip an object (jar / whatever) L$1 and automatically pays the tipper L$10 (of my money). L$1 in L$10 out. Obviously it would need to only work once per person (ideally once per person including alts with that IP thing). Anything like that already exist / pr that I could (somewhat easily) modify? If it doesn't exist how much should I expect to pay someone to write it? Thanks for reading / helping!
  2. Thanks for your reply. My internet conection is currently 50Mb, so I know it's not that. Typically a bandwidwith related issue is not going to cause an app to quit during the very earliest stages of launch (no bandwith is actually being used). Port issues, possilbly. Addionally, Teamviewer had always worked concurrently with SL Viewer (and all TPVs) in the past...this problem appears unique to SLV2.7.1. The connection was not active at the time... just sitting idle in the task bar. Using some ram / CPU cycles for sure, but not really any bandwidth. Funnily enough, after posting my solution I saw another post about Pheonix's new version of Firestorm. It works great and similtainiously with Teamviewer (plus the zillion other benefits). So in the end SL was my viewer of choice for as long as it took me to do a forum post! ~Linden FTW
  3. I haven't been able to launch 2.7.1 since its release. I would click it and it and Windows would think about running it for all of 2 seconds... with nothing. After a bunch of updating / reinstalling / reading crash logs I ran Process Monitor out of frustration. Process Monitor always finds a bunch of problems but the one of the last was the viewer calling teamviewer's monitor driver. Long story short... Quit teamviewer and everything works great. Anyone now if this is likely to be a perminant problem? BTW - Teamviewer is a Remote Desktop app. Thanks!
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