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  1. thank you for the help so far ... under display adapters it says NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)
  2. First off I apologize if i posted this in the wrong section. I have a 2007 Dell Inspiron e1505 laptop (windows vista) 32 bit operating system Processor: intel(r) core(tm)2 cpu Im not sure what my video card is or how I would find out but I have run SL on it before .. however my laptop was fixed after a virus & they reinstalled everything ... now when I downloaded/installed SL again .. (on pheonix & the one from the website) i get a message saying "Second Life is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware I would REALLY appreciate some help ... thank you in advance! Nervanah
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