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  1. hey all, i need some emote examples please. I am not good at emoting... Sometimes i would like to emote where its not necessary (just trying to be funny). For example, being asked a yes/no question: /me folds his arms as he listens to her words, rolling his eyes skywards for a second, thinking and trying to figure out what she means, scratching his head before he smiles and then looks into her eyes, "yes." i am posting this under "Role play" because i am role playing a kid on SL. Do you have any emote examples for me? would be cool
  2. About 3 or 4 years ago, someone had really big letters put up in the sky. It reads something like "Save SL" or something like that. I only remember it was on Mainland somewhere (North corner of one of the Mainland continents) and it was big red letters, some were higher than 10,000 and there was chains, skyboxes and stuff going down too. Was fun to fly around there. Does anyone remember which letters i'm talkin about? I thought it was on Zukovsky sim, but i guess its not. Cant find it there.
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