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  1. oh, thats good, this link was the solution, hehe, thanks.
  2. I have a problem from long time ago. My right hand avatar it is not viewed correctly, it disapear and appear constantly, it is a fast effect but very unpleasent, it look as blinking. I did all kind of tests, changing all clothes, clearing cache, changing skin and shape, also I did the basic Avatar male Test from develop menu, nothing change, my hand is permantly blinking. Also with other viewers happen, really annoying probelm ... any idea please?
  3. Hey I need help in this, if someone know please help: I have a cilinder prim (looking a coin) , I make it rotate during 2 sec in random ways and I want when it stop get facing same side that before rotating and facing UP. I did get this using llSetRot(llGetRot()*rot_xyzq) function, but this only work in the place where I am building, when I change of region or also in same region but with different height (skybox for example) it get facing other sides. I need always get facing up. Anyone knows about?, thank you in advance
  4. Hi, I saw that on can attach objects not directly from inventory or rezzed in land, but touching another simple object that is rezzed (a box for example) and one menu offer this option and when selected directly it attach without need to be rez previously all the linked objects as old boats do. I need to use this system but I dont see how to do? any idea pls? Thank you
  5. I have a store with the NOT rezz property on of course, my question is: can I set a delimited small zone inside the store with the REZZ on (for some minutes for example), to allow clients to open boxes?. thx.
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