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  1. LindeX™: Buy L$ ConfirmationWe are unable to complete your request.Could not charge account.The system encountered an error while processing your order, please try again. My Visa Green Dot was approved in SL and my Green Dot account shows two $1.00 deductions from LL, when i try to buy Lindens i get the above error. Anyone know what to do? Also i have tried 7 times in the past 6 hours and still get this error.
  2. When i am in certain places my AV will get pulled through items, walls, people, trees and to a very specific spot in certain areas of SL. I'm not ableto move or walk away from that spot either unless i TP then if i come back near the area it goes into a pulling loop. Any fixes? UPDATE: I found the the problem was an item i was wearing, the "x.chip" when i take it off i am free to walk, ty for answers i will mark this as resolved.
  3. Premium users get the alotted starter parcel, 117 Prims 517 qm, i heard you can get mainland undeveloped? If so how is this done, or are there any other options aside from these?
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