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  1. Will do for sure ^^ Thanks a ton. I will try to be on as soon as I can and add you as a contact. We can talk more in world
  2. Hello everyone! Was looking to find a way to mod/create (whether its myself or someone else) to create my Fursona into an Avatar on SL. I've played the game for years with a decent avatar, but never feeling like myself since it looks nothing like my sona. Here's a Ref to my fursona here It's a simple dragon style, but with a lot of feathers, so I'm not even sure what base Avatar I could use to mod or if I would have to go from scratch. I'm not that good at building/scripting or sculpting, so I'm also willing to pay to have help or to get someone to build/mod for me! Any info that could help would be much appreciated! Thanks everyone!
  3. So I keep hearing people talk about this Black Lotus Hud and how cool it is, being able to do all kinds of things with it, but I have never actually seen it in action, nor have I seen where you can get it. Can anyone help me to find where I can get this hud and try it out on my own? I'm very curious, but i can't find it anywhere >.<; Thanks a ton for looking and I hope someone can help soon ^_^
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