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  1. for two months i had a bug on the marketplace it says i have $L-55 how do i get this resolved? my inworld ballance is the same $L-55
  2. so are they allowed in bloodlines and allowed to play it?
  3. i have a question about RL underage people are people that are underage in RL allowed in second life?
  4. that fix don't fix the problem it still says the same thing so i can not use the firestorm or viewer 2 and the old phoenix viewer i can't use with second life it is displaying many glitches and slowness of performance that affect my sl and PC last night it messed with my computer's kernel and reset it
  5. the link LoveAngeL Lyre gave me said Error 404 Not Found. 
  6. i have been playing sl useing pheonix and decided to change veiwers so i instelled veiwer 2 and it wont let me login when i try it tells me login failed DNS could not resolve the host name. please verify that you can connect to the https://secondlife.com web site. if you can, but continue receie this error, please go to the support section and report this problem. so will support fix it?
  7. I want to try to import seogorath's skin/clothes and create one for my av in sl is this possable? is so how?
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