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  1. I tried to search for this topic in specific but I didn't have much luck finding it. I signed up for a premium account to get one of the pretty mesh linden homes that everyone has been talking about on youtube. But when I come to the option to select one of the Linden Homes I only get the option to pick from one of the older style homes... I'm not sure if it's because my account was registered in 2011? Any thing would help thanks.
  2. I had 10K Inv stuff and now I have 4k Inv. Has something gone wrong? I haven't giving out my password. The folders are still there. The Items and objects and some clothes are gone....
  3. I bought land from someone I paid about 5 weeks used up 4 and I have a week left. They are kicking me out because they are in a bad mood and I had a question. They took my land back and I was offline. They did not tell me untill I had to ask them. Now they are kicking me out and they are not giving me a refund. I don't know how to put a ticket for this, so can someone help me out?
  4. So I have been running my own little business on secondlife and I noticed that I have not gotten my Linden when I'm offline. Is there anyway to fix this? I have lost about 650Linden to this. The people that have been paying me showed me pictures and copied and pasted the message that they have given me my Linden. If you could help you it would be awesome! _____________________________________________________________________________________________ @bee Baroque, Thank you. (IDK how to reply to your message so I did it here) Rofl. I check my tranaction history and It explained one by one of the debit I paid and got paid. thank you.
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