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  1. Ohke sorry that i whas reakt so . i hear it so often ,, yes i have the same problem pfft i am so sad .. and olso mine pay pall i have on that acount i whas make a ticket ,, but the suport whas think it whas for dona and that dona here acount is working :>)) But mine normal acount is Steffy Andel. and i whas think i will call to secondlife,, but its not easy for me with a bad langwich mine comp whas broke and i have buy a new one ,, so i whas put secondlife on mine new comp but steffy can not online , she have evry thing :>) i am so sad with this , thank you that you have ask realy nice from you
  2. This is why i hate to write in forems and have ask help private a pasword you write that evry day so its olways the same letters i have a bad dyslexie and have learn mine englishe on secondlife i whas say i am to shy to write in a forem but I try
  3. Thanks again ,, wowie never been on a forum , But i have make a ticked 3 days ago, i have make a new one again , but do you know how long it takes And thank you so match for your time pfft i realy hope that i can login in this weekend ,, wink
  4. Sorry abouth mine bad englishe (blush) And thank you so mach for the respons i have do that many times but olso mine email is not working :>( Mine acount from dona alcove is working only she is not mine daily avatar,, steffy is a expensive acount and olso mine paypall i have on her, maby grazy but i am scarry to lose mine acount, sit 3 days for mine screen and try evrything outh must pay mine land and missing frends :>)
  5. 2 weeks i whas in problems on mine old comp ,, so i whas buy a new one and i whas try to login on mine acount and i cant login, olso i have try to ask for a other pasword , but i can not login on secondlife or mine acount , what can i do more to have mine acount back I need mine life back waaa, greetings
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