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  1. I'm looking to replicate this effect Only at a slower, smoother, and less seizure inducing pace.
  2. I couldn't think of anythign else as a good title because My issue is slightly complex. I have a headpeice that has several prms to it. I've linked it all together, but whenever I apply a script i found that constantly shifts the colors, It applys the color shifting to only one prim. The root prim. How can I apply the script to all the prims in the headpeice so that the color changing will sync up properly? Also, not entirely sure I stuck this in the right place... I may have gotten confused as to what goes where...
  3. I'm not an experienced builder, so this is quite new to me. Infact, This woudl be the first time, I'll have built anything. I'm workign in a character that needs a specific texture applied to an area. But when I try to upload the picture, ((In PNG format not-interlaced)) I get ""Unable to upload asset" What am I doing wrong?
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