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  1. Still no help with this where can i find help?
  2. This problem still hasnt been fixed, does anyone know about this? or how I should get in touch with someone who can sort it out please?
  3. I don't know what to do anymore, my Mistress used to be able to see the pictures on my profile feed, but now she gets a message saying that she cannot see my feed. She is logged in and my settings are set so everyone can see my feed. She is able to see everyone elses feed but mine and I feel like ive tried everything! please help!
  4. Care to enlighten me? so i dont make that mistake again?
  5. Well thats just typical.. I try everything and soon as I post here it magically fixes itself. Not sure how or why but im fixed (for now)..must be another SL mystery.
  6. My problem started out of the blue a couple of days ago, I'm on firestorm and for some reason I can clck myself and get the pie, but I cant click and get the pie menu on anyone or anything else. I also cannot select anything.. sit on anything or open anything and its most frustrating. I'm on a mac and I have done a clean installation of firestorm and this hasnt fixed my problem. Ive asked in the firestorm group and at help haven and no one seems to know why. I hope somone out there can help me? kali
  7. Really? i was told by a few people that the graphics card was a pretty good one and could run SL with no problems
  8. im really losing my mind over this..this forum rally is my last hope, here's my stroy. Im currently running ubuntu 11.04 and installed a new graphics card (ATI radeon 9600). When the new card went in i logged into SL on phoenix Viewer 1102 and things were all laggy and not rezzing for a while. General perfomance was just lame..anyway i went to a Q&A session to see what could be done in terms of SL settings. I was advised to reinstall phoenix so thats what i did, brought This page up after i extracte dthe files : http://http://picpaste.com/phoenix1-wkgP9ZpC.png i double click on 'snowglobe' like so: http://http://picpaste.com/phoenix2-zm9Pm1pT.png and NOTHING happens.. what am i doing wrong??? i have taken out and re installed many times.. i have tried it also with SL viewer and the same thing happens : http://http://picpaste.com/SL1-5wMccQzl.png http://http://picpaste.com/SL2-lhJo5MCa.png Please help!!!
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