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  1. I am seeking the top sim designers in sl to contact me regarding work needed to be done on a full region. People with no active sims with their work on it or blank profiles need not contact me . I am wanting the best of the best and who can show me proof of their work , Minimum of 5 years experience preferred . More details will be given IN IM. Please notecard me or IM me in world. Voice will be required to talk through what I'm seeking as well as confidentiality , so if you cant voice, sorry you wont be able to help me. Thank you
  2. Well i would like to say, a very big thank you to everyone that responded to the posts on this matter,just to let everyone know,she did indeed dump his a** and is now single and much happier,so now we can go on our sl pub crawls again,and pick up lots of pixelmen,for lots of kinky pixel smex,soooo thank for all your kind replys,and of course the not so kind ones were fun to read,but its all about fun right? much smoochies and hugs Maxi, xx :matte-motes-kiss:
  3. Thankyou for the wonderful advice that you have all given, its very much appreciated , , i have shown her this thread and she has asked me to pass on a big thankyou, in her own words " I guess i was seeing things through rose tinted glasses and have taken the advice on board " Your kind words mean a lot , im glad i posted
  4. Hi all i am new to the forums but i'm an avid reader and enjoy reading the topics and seeing the advice that everyone gives . I have wanted to say hi for a while but shyness stopped me but i am really needing advice so have decided to take the plunge and start a topic. Its about a partnership that a friend of mine has , She has been in a partnership for 3 months now in SL but it's been a rather shaky one . I will try to keep this brief, they partnererd after a couple of weeks of knowing one another and generaly seem to be good together, however he has a busy job in real lif so is not here on a consistant basis sometimes a couple of days a week for a couple of hours at a time which she is fine about and respects that but after partnering she recieved a private message from someone calling herself his ex and naming a few other avatar names that are apprantly his and are also partnererd, of course she started a problem and my friend and her partner split she confronted him but he basically denied all of it and gave an explanation that it was not him but friends who used his computer in the past and said this woman was a stalker, so she gave him the benefit of the doubt as she really does care for him and they got back together after some time apart. But suddenly his once or twice a week log in is not happening he used to send her a message if he couldnt get here but she has not seen him for 3 weeks now, and the last message he sent her was 2 weeks ago telling her he loves her and misses her but he is busy with work . She has asked my advice and i really just dont know what to advise , i cannot believe she has been so patient with him for this long anyway, i dont want to give her wrong advice either but she is at a loss of what to do, she loves him but i dont want her to get hurt , really i just want to say to her to walk away but she is holding out thinking that perhaps maybe he really is busy and cant get online , but surley if he cared for her as much as he said he did he could log on an leave a message for her ..i really feel he is not being honest with her at all and i have told her that, I would really appreciate your opinions and advice on this matter . Maxi
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