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  1. Well yes, I do understand the ToS exempts them from liability. However, just because it exempts them shouldn't mean preventable measures shouldn't be in place. It's pretty much similar to a teacher whose been granted tenure. Just because they get tenure doesn't mean they should just sit around all day in front of kids doing nothing. But I will take LR up on this suggestion. Thanks.
  2. It's likely that Linden keeps the server source and binaries proprietary to be able to profit. However, I would feel a lot better hosting my own grid/sim as opposed to having some LL affiliate host it. This way, I could have the option of having complete control over backup. Currently, if an attack occurs on a server host, they're likely hosting a ton of servers, and every single sim owner is dependent on them for backup. I would like to place a suggestion that Linden release the hosting software as an alternative to the current sim hosting. There could be a payment plan for it such as the premium membership for example. Or perhaps to compete with Opensim, keep it free and opensource, with premium server features able to be bought. It's just that right now with LL controlling all the servers, they are, in effect, the biggest threat to SL's community. Again, an online attacker could easily hit LL and crash all the servers or worse. If LL were to give the option of independent hosting, such an event wouldn't have such an impact. Please consider this Linden. Thanks!
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