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  1. Hello i have a question. How do you advertise your Sim on the log in page of SL? How much does it cost and how long does it run for? Thank u :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  2. Hi, with some time ago i bought an object and it is broke i IM'ed the creator and she said i need trnzaction history, but i bought it last year and i dont have the tranzaction, how i can get it? I bought it from world not from market
  3. I am admin in a land and are alot people who try to crash the sim every day, all owners tryed to stop them but they have many account, we already banned over 100 accounts , we really need help. I Im'ed today members from LL but i not received any answer , can someone from stuff contact me please, we dont know what to do, we raport them but nothing they always come with new accounts.Please help us. Thank u
  4. Hello i need some help to stop a griefer , how i can do it if he have many accounts and every day attack the sim with particles and crash people ? plese help me thanks
  5. Ita a girl in sl who insult all ppl....she insulted e about my mom she said to die call me **bleep** and this is not first time i wanna know what i can do because im already done....to hear insults from a kid....she have max 14 years i think...i am not sure but the way she talk looks like a girl without mind. Please someone to help me with an answer thanks
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