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  1. Lol you're right and I think my wondering is fair, so I should just assume it.
  2. I totally understand that he could need time for him alone or with other friends even if I think he'd rather tell me directly because he is not this kind of guy, he is frank. It's just that I asked him (pretty normal I think) and he has been offended and very surprised about that. So I just wanted to know what happened, if it's a technical issue or if this kind of issues don't really exist and then if it could be one of the person around him that are using his account sometimes. Thank you all for your opinions^^ Ps : Oh and we don't spend all of our time when we are on SL together, we have our independant life on it too
  3. Hi Sorry, I don't know if it's the right place for my question but anyway... There is a special friend I can't see online these days. I've seen on Phoenix that his box for that is unchecked. I told him and he swears he did not do anything. I totally trust him but as it seems there is this problem only with him and I, he does not have this issue with his other contacts, I wonder if it's really a bug or if it could be someone that could have mod this option cause he has other ppl that know his informations. So my question is : Does this kind of bugs happen (just one person unchecked in the friendlist)? I ask cause I told a friend who is very aware about SL how this story has been unpleasant and he said he never heard of this kind of bugs, he is sure someone used his account, so just want to be reassure and make sure it can actually be a bug.^^ Thank you!
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