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  1. Way too difficult for this non-scripting beginner I'd guess. Regretably, I'm going to have to leave this idea be and move on to something simpler. Thanks for your reply, it's appreciated.
  2. Oh boy I really need help here. I've been reading and trying to get this to work but am having no luck at all. I really have no idea where this line "llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(link_number,[ PRIM_POS_LOCAL,your_movement_vector_goes_here]);" goes within the script and also where I get this part "your_movement_vector_goes_here". Please excuse my ignorance and help a guy out. I'm becoming very frustrated.
  3. Thank you Rolig. I've read a lot about scripting (here), and tried my hand recently at simple scripts, along with changing some that work for me, but I really don't have enough knowledge (yet) to even know where to add that string to the existing script I'm using. Sorry for my ignorance but I'm trying to learn as I go. I appreciate your info. I'll keep reading and trying to figure this out. Once again, thanks.
  4. I created a prim and put a script for movement in the contents tab. I linked another prim to it that has no scripts in it. Those 2 linked prims move together as I want them too. I want to link those 2 to another stationery prim. When I do the entire 3 either move together or stop entirely, depending on which I link last. Is there a way to make the stationery prim not move with the others linked to it? I really have very little knowledge of scripting other than buying one to use in a build. I much appreciate any help you can give!
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