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  1. my lap top is less than a year old so it meets the requirements for sl and i am useing wifi but when ever i log in and finish rezzing i cant use my key board i can only use my mouse i have tried viewer 2 and the beata viewer with the same problem i tried the 1.23.5 viewer and i could finally use my key board but then it started doing the same thing i deleated the viwers and redownloded the l.23.5 viwer and still have that problem i also tried the phenix viewer and still i can not use my key board.  i can move around with my mouse but i cant type or use my direction keys any help would be apreciated and also can you tell me how to reply to my question too? thanks
  2. my computer meets all requirements but wehn i log in and my character finishes rezing the game rashes so im still stuck on the welcome island. i have no clue what to do or how to fix it so yeah i know why i was crashing it was because i was useing my key board. :/
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