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  1. Recently I have had several issues revolving speed as to which the governance team responds to such things as griefer attacks. I have seen them show up within 5 mins were my property was involved in a zombie shootout that another person on my sim did not like and reported to abuse. Governance team showed up and administrative kicked my Wife without asking any of us what is going on. But on same merit on another parcel I own a owner that does not log on anymore got hit by a griefer with open build and has junk fling across 2 Sims YET it has been over 40 hours since filing abuse report after another. Now I contact live support and they tell me they can not contact anyone on the governance team and I have no way of tracking an abuse report. So in other words if I am getting ignored I will never know. Other than the junk is still floating in and out of my sim. This to me is a massive failure in customer support especially the amount of money that LL charges for tier and prices for land as well as exchange rate I mean what the hell am I supposed to do now especially with a massive failure in customer support is there any ideas of how I can contact them at all?
  2. i am looking for an animator for some custom work please contact me in world for what i have and psice for the work thank you . reconkangas
  3. thank you for the info it will be something i will have to look into to be able to grow thanks recon
  4. what i am saying is simple if i wanted to rent a sim as long as by the end of the tier date is up those big real estate companies payed NO set up fee's for buying or removing sims from the grid except what they increased for the 5% growth rate per quarter. now for some policy change they DO have to pay for all transactions, but this was the catch that allowed anyone to rent instead of buy from LL. allowing ppl like me to own flight able sim groups for people to enjoy instead of trying to fly in the trash rididn mainland were you get slapped constantly and people put sky boxes at 500 feet.
  5. i agree 100% but in being fair i can not personally justify the expence of paying a hugh down payment or buying a homestead and moving it and changing the name, moving cost were rough about 100 usd and renaming was about 32 USD now the price jumped almost 5 times that rough now is over 300 to move and 100 to rename. now i do not know DSE lost its program by losing growth but i do know i did work for them as customer support and a friend that still works there told me it is a policy change that affects ALL real estate companies
  6. its a change at the higher level.... real estate companies that were able to order and remove sims from the grid due to the amount of there holdings are no longer able to do that. they are charged the same as the rest of us passing down that hugh deposit of 250k lindens for a full region, 100k for a homestead just to be able to RENT one. i had 13 sims with dream seekers and moved to chun estates with 8 and now i simply cannot order a sim they want the deposit now for them..... they are claiming its LL policy change
  7. i was informed by my rental company that unless i pay a massive fee that i will not be allowed to just order a sim pretty much stunting growth. i dont have 300+ USD to order a homestead so i rent now they want same fee's as if i am buying it what gives? same with a change in not only moving a sim but also renaming them costing almost 5 times more than before . someone please help me understand what LL is doing and why.
  8. i have been having the same issue and its like this is falling on deaf ears, i have done everything possible and still keeps doing it i have never had a problem untill this last update i sent in support ticket and nothing.............
  9. having the same problem here also, full uninstall and clean cashe is not working its still droping the win_crash_logger.exe i even unistalled ALL viewers and restarted and is still odoing it its on this last update when it started. recon
  10. i am also having the same problem i hav completeely uninstaled including clearing cashe, i also went as far as colpletely erasing the other viewer and reinstall and getting the same thing ........ Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: win_crash_logger.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4e7247cf Fault Module Name: StackHash_8705 Fault Module Version: 6.0.6001.18000 Fault Module Timestamp: 4791a7a6 Exception Code: c0000374 Exception Offset: 000b015d OS Version: 6.0.6001. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 8705 Additional Information 2: 6cc0f0ac93800dbeb60ccabfa18d5869 Additional Information 3: c899 Additional Information 4: 1c1d1f22f54d4ca45c8acb4e4bc6ae4d this is not working at all
  11. never had any problems until the last update now i full load and just before i enter SL it crashes and i get win_crash_logger.exe as the falure...... i have fully uninstalled it and reinstalled even tried overlapping them nothing works keeps crashing forcing me to use another viewer help anyone recon update i tried everything and it still is doing the same thing its still not working any other suggestions this has to be something with SL udate thats not compatable with vista OS
  12. available ASAP please contact here or reconkangas in world (will seperate) recon will concider deal for all of what we own there total 29k make me an offer,
  13. It seems that they are rare but i am looking to rent 2 open space sim's water only would like them to be connected to a few full use sims need to be able to place and aircraft carrier on them (half on one side half on the other) mainly will be used for flying. i know there out there anyone interested let me know here or IM reconkangas in toontown LOL recon
  14. thanks for the help LOL, is there something i need to know about live support cuz i tlk nd sit there with no answer.
  15. just starting out here my account is 4 months old, i signed up for premium membership last friday i can login to dashboard and see i am active premium member, i goto undeveloped land it shows me signed in until i get to the auctions page then it shows "signin* in upper right again when i click it it sends me back to previous screen. if i try to bid it refreshes screen but does not post my bid. getting a little P.O'd here am i doing something wrong i have checked forums and answers and dont see anyone with the same problem. i have tried in chrome,firefox,explorer and opera. any help would be wonderful thanks recon
  16. i upgraded to premium last friday my account is 4 months old i log into my account no problems shows i am a premium member, i goto undeveloped land auctions and soon as i get to the autions page it shows login at the topt rightwhen i click it it sends me back to preveious page. if i try to type in my bid it clicks reloads the screen and doesnt show my bid is accepted i have tried on chrome,opera,explorer and firefox none do anything differant is there something i am doing wrong here?
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