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  1. Hay PeeWee! Yes , thats what it say. Smith 10, 10, 10. Do you have a solution ?
  2. Btw, in 2 mins i got disconnect no matter what.
  3. My avi is stuck at one shop called iMagz. I am cloud and i can't move. Iff i open my inventory everything is loading. I only can open Landmarks Folder from Inventory. When I try to teleport I get disconnect telling me i have internet problems but it can`t be that cuz iff i login with another avi everything works fine. Ive tryed to put another region in loading screen like "Smith" but nothing , i only got a Blue Screen or something like that and i see only the interface. I dont see the cloud anymore but same, i can`t move and get disconnect iff i want to teleport. I wass on wireless connection , now i`m on cable but same, don`t work .. but i don`t belive the connection is the problem cuz with another avi works fine. I have a thing attached and i think that`s the problem, but i can`t detach nothing. i login and everythig is stuck, and everything is loading in my inventory. I tryed to detach from Edit/Detach Objects but the list is empty. I got that problem on Phoenix and Imprudence. So it seems is not a wiever problem.. like i sayd my alt work fine ... I switched on secondlifebeta grid and it work here. i deleted the thing what i weared and it works.. but when i switch back to secondlife grid the problem appear again...so any help please ? Sorry for my bad English. Cheers.
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