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  1. Every time I start up Secondlife it either pops up saying that it "crashed" or pops up with some "crash logger" thing. Now look, I am very bad with computers, as in I am completely new to all of this stuff really, so please when you explain this: use English words, not computer. I wont understand what you are talking about just like how I did not understand what the last person said to my previous question.
  2. I have tried uninstalling SecondLife and downloading it back in, but it still keeps popping up that it "crashed". What do I do?
  3. I was lucky enough to get money from someone who was nice enough and I used that money to buy a Lucario thing by using the search thing on the "Shopping" tab here on the website. Now I got the thing, but either I can't figure it out or I'm doing something wrong or something is simply missing to where the item that I bought does not work correctly. Since I paid money for this, is there a way to return the said item and get my money back? I am completely new to this game, so I am just completely lost. Any help would be nice.
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