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  1. Does anyone know how to set a Name/Title for a follower pet, so that the text hovers over its head (kind of like an RP titler does your avi)? I know some pets come with the option to name them, but how can I do that for the ones that don't?
  2. Great! I've RPed before, but not for Teen Wolf. Depending on how many other people were interested, I was either going to do a slightly creepy Isaac, or an OC.
  3. I thought if I could find snyone else who wants to RP the MTV series "Teen Wolf", maybe we could start a group? It could be both characters from the show and some OCs (original characters). Even if we don't start a group, it'd be cool to have other people who like Teen Wolf to RP with, right?
  4. Hi guys. ♥ So I know that some people have houses/rooms you can rent on their RP sims, but does anyone know if there is somewhere I could rent to put my house? Or somewhere that RPers frequent or where the other residents wouldn't be too bothered by having a tavern next door? I recently bought this house, https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SM-Faery-Tales-Cabin/1660508, and I really liked the idea of using the bottom as an RP Tavern. Not limited to just Gorean/Fantasy type RPs. DC or Marvel Comics characters RPers, Future RPers, Period and/or Fantasy RPers, Furies/Anthros, Vampires, Werewolves, Aliens, Robots/Androids. Or land for sale relatively cheap that would work for this? It would have to be 1024 sq meter (32x32) to hold the house, and teir would have to be L$300 or less /week or L$1200 or less /month. Any help or advise at all would be greatly appreciated, thanks. ♥
  5. Looking for cheep land for sale. I counted it up, and the least prims I'd have would be 226. The house I have is .:S.M:. Faery Tales - Cabin (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SM-Faery-Tales-Cabin/1660508), and its 90 prims and 20x20 meters. Also, do you still have to pay weekly land teirs if you have Premium? I thought so but I wasn't sure, so I thought I'd ask. If yes, then the most I could do would be L$300 or less /week.
  6. Thanks. I'm familiar with the marketplace and everything, I just wasn't sure what to search/where to look to find quite what I need. Especially for her hair, lol. Anyway, then, I'll definitely check out some spell huds then. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Well I was kind of aiming at other comics fans. Here are some pics from the Red Hood and the Outlaws comic: Her full range of powers are: Super Strength Starfire possesses great superhuman strength despite her pin-up girl looks. In early promos for her original appearance in The New Teen Titans, it was said that she "has the strength of eight men." However, Starfire has repeatedly demonstrated that she is far stronger than that, since she can out-muscle her Titans teammates Cyborg and even Donna Troy as even Donna Troy could not restrain her and needed Mon-El's help in doing so. This would indicate that Starfire has at least class-100 strength as well, though her strength level has never been accurately quantified. Invulnerability When angered, Starfire can go into a berserker state, granting her even greater strength, invulnerability, and immunity to many forms of damage. She is highly resistant to injury and can even survive unharmed in the cold vacuum of space. Communication She has been able to mentally or psionically learn languages such as English or Japanese through physical contact allowing her to communicate in it with ease being omni-lingual. When she first arrived to Earth she learned English by kissing Robin, an encounter that gave fruit to their romance. Energy Blasts Starfire can generate energy blasts and release them from her hands or eyes (after transformation). These "starbolts" are very powerful and can even break through a wall of concrete. She gained these abilities during the experiments she was forced to endure by the Psions. They knew that the Tamaraneans could absorb energy and wished for a way to make it so that they released it, and that was when she gained the powers of the starbolts. Using her energy manipulating abilities, she can absorb various energies such as radiation or solar energy which makes her immune to its harmful affects. Flight Starfire has the ability to fly at great speeds through both the atmosphere and interstellar space. Her long curly hair leaves behind a fiery red contrail during flight, which makes her hair appear even longer than it really is. The flight ability is common among her race, though it can be lost through a childhood disease (her older sister Blackfire is one such example). Combat Specialist Starfire is also an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained by the Warlords of Okaara at a very early age. In the New 52, Starfire is a capable strategist and starship commander. Alien Physioligy Starfire's body continually absorbs ultraviolet radiation, which she then converts into the energy that powers her starbolts and her ability to fly. Starfire can also store a massive amount of this energy to use all at once in a devastating attack, as witnessed by the Outsiders. After holding a great deal of energy in reserve, she created a maelstrom of energy which resembled that of a star and unleashed a wave of destruction that caused several full-blast explosions. Such a massive release of energy leaves Starfire in a greatly weakened state afterward, so she only resorts to this attack when absolutely necessary. It is not known what Starfire breathes, but she has said that she does not need oxygen. She also can see much further than humans, but the extent of this has not been explored.Starfire's alien physiology also grants her immunity to gases. You can read more about her here: http://www.comicvine.com/starfire/29-2389/
  8. I wasn't sure where to put this, so figured I'd go with General Discussion? If someone knows where I could get better advice, that would be lovely. ♥ Anyway, I'm making a Koriand'r/Starfire (from DC Comics) avatar and I was wondering if anyone could tell me some attacks/effects that would be good for her powers? Preferably how they're done in the New 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws? Also, could anyone could point me toward a hair that would be good for New 52 RHATO hair?
  9. ChyeWolf

    Unwanted Inventory

    If you have items in your inventory that you don't want anymore, can you sell them in marketplace?
  10. I meant more like, I'll draw them, someone make them, sell them, and share the L$ between the rwo of us. But I see what you mean, yes. Next time I put some money into my account I'll look through some of the ones here in the market. Those are the ones you refer to, yes?
  11. Okay. I think I'll go back and redo the text to be more specific, and try to make it seem less strict? Its not supposed to be, honestly.
  12. See, I'm mainly a Writer, first and formost. I thought of a couple ideas that I thought would be good story lines for RPs, but none of my RL friends play, and my SL friends aren't on often or aren't into RP. So, I'm looking for some people to RP my stories with me. If you're interested then please reply! If anyone does, I'll put up more Info on the stories themselves.
  13. Thank you, I'll go check it out.
  14. I can draw by hand, but I can't make items. 1) I don't know how, and B) I don't have the programs or anything on my computer anyway. So, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to partner with me? There were some outfit designs and such I thought about selling, but I would need someone else to make them. Also, I'm looking for another artist who would be willing to partner with me and draw a story I'm writing in the form of a comic. I have tried doing it myself, but never like how it turns out.
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