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  1. The drop down bar where those choices would be aren't even there.
  2. I can only access General areas. I cannot enter or search mature or adult content. I can't go into certain sims because of my "maturity level." I thought if I age verified, using the online beta, this problem would subside. But I still can't access any other content but General. I aged verified last week. What is going on? Does it have something to do with the age I entered when I made my Avi?
  3. Well I do have payment on file and I have already read the link you gave me many times. My guess is that the online age verification beta doesn't even work. How convenient.
  4. I completed the online age verification process and it accepted my information. Then I relogged back into second life and the drop down bar that is supposed to be under the General tab in Preferences isn't there. What am I doing wrong? I even filled it out more than once and still to no avail. Any help?
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