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  1. I am using a HP dual core computer with 1917 ram and a 2.3 ghz possessor (amd). Anyway my computer used to jump to 100% usage for no reason, and freaked me out!!! So I went online and found this which so far has made my computer only use 60- 65% capacity while running viewer2. Bring up Windows Task Manager with: Windows XP: Ctrl-Alt-Del Windows Vista: Ctrl-Shift-Esc Windows 7: Ctrl-Shift-Esc Click the Processes tab and select your viewer you are using Right click it and select “Set Affinity”. Select only one of the available cores, to begin with. You will need to experiment at this point; there is no guide as to which core will work better for you. You may also be able to select more than one. Also, the downside of this is that it will have to be done every time you run the viewer. So far this has helped in a big way for me this is on windows btw.
  2. I had a white egg for an avatar yesterday, and some of the other avatars around me also looked like white eggs. By pressing ctrl+alt+Q you should get a develop tab that will pop up at the top. Click on that then go to avatars-character test-male or female. That does the trick!! The only problem I have now is everytime I log on to second life I have to do this and change my avatars clothes etc......
  3. There are a lot of bugs with viewer 2. But please don't get rid of it. If you do enough searching on these forums or the internet, there are ways around this viewers problems. I have found ways to stop my computer from using 100% of it's resources while using this viewer. Plus ways to stop my nvidia graphics card to stop freezing while in world. This viewer is far better than the one that came out in 2009. Those are the only ones I have on my 4 year old computer.
  4. The version from 2009 seems to work a lot better on my computer. Thanks for the heads up Cherise on the old version.
  5. I downloaded the 2009 version viewer 1-23-5-136262. It downdoaded great, but how do you log on with only 1 username? It looks like with that old version you had two names for logon.
  6. I am using the second life viewer 2. 6.3 227447 right now. This is my computer specs: HP Amd Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 4400+ 2.30 Ghz processor Memory 1918MB 32 bit Vista Graphics Card 6150 se Nvidia with updated drivers My computer handles this version of viewer, and it hasn't crashed during play (yet). When I go somewhere with a lot of buildings or Zyngo machines, my computer screams at me! Maybe the fan is kicking on but it is very loud!!! Is there a better viewer to download that my computer can handle better? Also I go to my task manager and close as many processes as I can. Thanks for any help!!!
  7. I think you are right on the name that avg gave me for a virus. Must of been a false positive. Thanks!!
  8. Has this happened to anyone else?? I was at the Mo Mo mall and all of the sudden my antivirus went off saying It blocked 10 viruses from sllifeplugin.exe. Everything was fine yesterday.:mansurprised:
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