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    loss of sound

    hi. for 48 hours now - and maybe since the last SL2 Viewer upgrade - I often loose sound. I make sure the Preferecnes are ok; I go to top right of tool bar and make sure "Start All" is on and set to "All Media". sometimes I find it off, so, I switch it on, only to see it go stright back to off??? then, it mysteriouly starts again after 10 or 20 minutes (and after logginh out and back in)???? going to an important concert in SL tomr so hoping you can help - ta - Searby
  2. I installed the new SL2 viewer. some files failed to install so I clicked ignore. seems to work ok but one major problem, there is no data in people's profiles - pictures and IM option only. will the bug-fix rectify? do I need to re-install, if so, how? thanks
  3. Thank you LA L and everyone. This has all been most helpful. I have been fiddling with the settings, (long at back, short on sides etc) and I did not find one that said bald or not bald. I have adjusted the settings but there is still some hair appearing at the back, when I try to adjust it, it sticks out somewhere else! But now I know there is no overall delete function, I will fiddle some more until I get something ok. I bought a complete avatar that I like (a robot) so I don't want hair on it; I will now seek the minimum option. thanks again. D
  4. I want no hair on my avatar. I have read the help menus but I cannot delete the folders (ones like "Male Eyebrowshaper" etc. When I right click, the option "remove from wearing" is greyed out and so I cannot delete. I am stick with some hair on my av avatar that I can change the appearnace of but not delete. can you help? thanks Dave
  5. Thank you all. I set my "home" to my land from the tool bar so no more Ortiz. But, I find it strange that the original default location for the home icon on the toolbar was a porn site, seems suspicious that. Anyway, my problem is sorted. Ta.
  6. when I first log on, a messsage says my home is "unavailbe", but I found it via "my land" from the top toolbar. so, I landmarked it and can get there easily. not really a problem. but when I am out and about and want to get home, if I click on the home button on the top toolbar, I get taken to a porn site called River Ortiz. if I click the home button again, I get taken to antoher porn site. I can stop using the button ok but I am alarmed that there is some link to a pojn site in my system. can we remove this link or fault? thanks. Dave
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