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  1. I am in need of animations where one can take care of their ANTHRO cattle like real life. i have hunted for months but i cannot find the following: 1. (Baths) where you can wash your partner, perhaps even have it be simple like picking up water with a bucket and pouring it on a sitting or hoofs and knees cattle 2. Hoof cleaning stations for anthro avatars.(there is one but has some... disturbing stuff. we are a more natural caring farm and not worth the price just for that one feature) 3. Full body brushing for cows and mare anthro. and other grooming stuff for anthro sheeps (dont have a sheep but i like to prepare for all). We are not a true adult content farm, we do what we need to do as part of a farm life. this means im looking for more natural wooden farm equipment and NO BDSM leather stuff. and if you can think of other natural stuff to make this environment feel as real as possible. please do send your ideas and or products to my attention. As for how i want the objects received, i would like the objects with the animations as low prim as possible, and to lower the price of the commission i am willing to go (no copy) and (no transfer). and would also like such objects be put on the marketplace. so this is also a good chance to make new products for your shops if you have one!
  2. is their a way to make your avatar not move or turn around when editing somthing? After the first 2 answers: no, i mean moving somthing to you for rp pourpouses i click the items and my whole dragon avitar turns to it. (but i found the workaround netherless
  3. Greetings, i am a Seawolf Dragon, in need of a job to earn money for a home! Jobs Recommended: #1 - I can guard & monitor an area. Very gentle with the queens and younglings, and very tolerate of younglings rough play! #2 - DJ work, i have a headset and familiar with Skype. but i will need training! #3 - im very creative with building, i take what's ever in frount of me and make it look the best it can be. (thou i never organized an SL sim before. it is this way with everything i build). and i do have the mind to think in some sims that organization could be better. (but its best to trial me before hire) #4 - I can recommend People to lands you are renting or selling, as long as i get a small profit from the sales! About me: Age: 220 ((22 RL)) Gender: Male Species: Adult Seawolf Dragon / Fire Element SL Birthdate: 5/11/2011 TimeZone: USA Eastern -5 GMT Available: 3-4 Hour Shifts, posibly 5-6 hours if really needed so! (RL things come random so no set days and time on anyday untill sceduled) Microphone: Yes Groups: I have many but only one i attend, and that is Avilion, (not Avalon) **any more info needed, please message me ingame**
  4. i try to age verify and i cannot use an bank account, cause i dont have one and no state ID. but i thought i can verify useing the last social. but it says my info is wrong, i just moved in the past 3 months so i tried my last adress too....nothing im 22, Birthdate 1/5/1989
  5. i have no bank, nor do i plan to open one. just for this game. i use paybycash with all my games and wondering if you do have that option and how can i obtain that option Edit for first post: im 22 but i never hang on my money long enough to put into XD i can get the cards for paybycase at the same time im shoping at wallmart/
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