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  1. It's a farming system like G&S and Aura RP Systems but Aura is a MUCH better system
  2. Sorry for any inconvience if anyone IMd about the land Lea has not been on for a couple days to get my messages due to RL. Zamyatin is all that's still available and HAS been split into 2 parts. One is just shy of half a sim at 32576 m2 for 20,000L The other part is 9744 m2 for 5,800L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zamyatin/188/176/63 Again sorry for any inconvience.
  3. I have several individual parcels (on M and G sims) that total 66048 sq meters. I need my prims accessable all in one place and not scattered everywhere, so wanting to trade for a full prim sim/region preferably on moderate land. Largest piece I believe is 42,320 sq M located on an M sim just broken into a couple parcels that can be rejoined Please IM me in world for list of LMs as I don't always look here. alex (alexiray resident)
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