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  1. I lose my Computer for about a month and a half and lost alot of my friends and my Vampire clan :/ So I love to make new friends i Love hanging out, Going to clubs. And im looking for a Cool Friendly Vampire clan <3 Hit me up! :) Ima Destroyed Vampire and im 167days old
  2. I'm Starting to notice you really Cant do anytthing in SL like they say you can Unless you have a Mic or like Sex lol But I'm Looking for a Dj Job Below is My Information No Mic - I keep RL Out Of SL No Stream Im assuming if your a Club you have your own I Use Virtual Dj to Play Music - Im Learning to Dj In RL The Music I play is anything Electronic House-Trance-Happy Hardcore-Club-Hardstyle-Dutch House-Dubstep Please feel free to leave me a message here thanks :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  3. Well Dirty was random Lucine is the name and "69" is from the band the 69 eyes If your just looking to be annoying Stfu and get out
  4. Like not always thinking about sex haha and by fun just outgoing people lol
  5. ...Who Always love to have fun and are Great to be around Hit me up <3
  6. Are There Any Good Gothic Vampire Clans are really do the roll play of a vampire?? Let me know :)
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