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  1. I never had an account with them, so they would have no where to send the money. I did make a account later today in case this would happen. I just found the whole issue odd. It's not very much money, but I would still hope they will work something out. Thanks for everyone's input.
  2. I have never played this game before, and yes I think it was an object I have this xchange4ls Wallet v1.0.2 when I woke up it asked me if I wanted to let it access my blance and I said no, but this was after the money was already gone. I have tried to get a hold of someone at this exchange but no one is there.
  3. This morning I woke up to find out a transfer had gone happened with out me knowing or allowing. Destination: xchange4ls Turbo Object Pays Region: Caribian Dreams L$5,142 I am wondering if there is any to get this back or if it is gone.
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