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  1. i did send him a message with all that information before i came here actually. i hope he responds favorably. i would hate to have to let the kitty die or get really sick that i bought the food for. If he does, he will continue to have a loyal customer, if he doesn't, i will put the kitty away and not have her anymore. Thank you for your response!
  2. I bought items on SLX when I could not be on secondlife. It told my my IM's were capped and that is something that does not nappen unless i am gone a really long time. I was only gone for a couple weeks and i have recently been away before and not had that issue so i dont know what to do. i bought 3 items that are not in my inventory now because of this cap. Money is too tight to waste on not getting it and it was for food for an animal that was gifted to me that would get sick and die if it was not fed and has an expensive fix, about the cost of buying a new pet if it gets sick like that, so i figured while i had a little money to spend i would get 3. i bought it, paid for it with my credit card and then i get the oddity of capped messages that pretty much never happens suddenly. How can this be fixed? This is seriously not right!.
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