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  1. yes I understand there is no way to monitor all these but maybe linden labs should have completely removed that kind of function as any script that seller puts in the item can give abilities to do whatever after the actual purchase
  2. We have tried that the past few weeks but did not came to any solution, how can linden labs allow that kind of items since any customer be a victim of any seller that can so simple make a purchased item disappear and not even get a refund
  3. I have purchased a baby from funsies store and also other items but I had issues since labor and with their support desk but issues did not resolved and also my license revoked so I have wasted over 20k for nothing can I do anything for that, is it so easy for a seller to just revoke a paid item license and customer do nothing about it?
  4. I would say go with Mama Allpa as my own experience with eden wasnt so good and in the end I also got the paid baby license revoked and got no refund at all of what I have spend over 20k to store because most furnitures wont work with poses and holds so you would need funsies furnitures but thats quite hard as most couples have already a home when they purchase a baby of any kind
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