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  1. Thanks for quick reply, though not a fix. Yes, I keep Firestorm around and am using it now, because ... After today's non-complete clean uninstall (just an installer run), the SL viewer ran a couple sessions THEN it has again insisted on installing (the last XP version) Yes, Firestorm is working fine. I am going to go look into .log and dump files + a clue might be that if I answer 'ok' to the 'you must update with the old version' prompt then I get error that I must have XP or later. 2. (I know, I know, should not have 2 issues in 1 posting) I will look into this issue separately, but to answer you this issue has happening before and after cleaning out the dust bunnies from the fans. Draw distance is way lower than on FS and many other settings that some other posting have said. SL viewer is the only app complaining about vid card. My laptop really does have some graphics driver issues, but SL viewer runs ok.
  2. Has been happening for a long time. Even after 2 clean/complete uninstalls and new installs of 4.0.1;310054, after some days it will report: having downloaded a manditory version Win 10 (was a Win 7). I can give other log info on request. There are crash dumps. Occasionally SL viewer crashes reporting video board timeout, which I don't understand.
  3. I had a nice working LL viewer for years on this Windows 7 Ultimate 64. Auto updates were downloaded and installed nicely. A few months ago, auto update started having issues with a few files. I would cancel back to the old or skip those and things would be fine. This last time, I fixed the file permissions of every (7) file it did not like, hit retry and it advanced each time. Now I can't login. "Login failed. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong". FireStorm can still login. Downloaded the full version from SL site. 1. From FireFox download Run gives that I need Windows XP with service pack 3 ??? 2. Running the downloaded Installer overwriting the existing finished fine, but won't login. 3. Completely uninstalled and removed existing. Installed fine, but still won't login. Answered: Thanks but solved it myself [ashamed to admit] this has happened before and I have a big note to self that I did not read first :( Norton Security FireWall auto updates without notice during the night and every few months it puts a program rule against Second Life and SLvoice. Thanks for the help and sorry to have wasted everybodies time.
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