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  1. I spend about 73.00 dollars which should of gotten me about 19,000L but I only got 10,000L is the best Rate laggy?
  2. well yes my account was hack and yes money was taken from me, yes it can happen, when you bank card is link to your account, and some one hacks into your game, get on your tune uploads money, then pass it off, yes you can be hack, I have all the bank info on the matter, and this happen ages ago, and Gift cards I have been using for 3 years now, so they do work because of the kind I use, witch is a Master Card, so it like bank card. But thank you for you info
  3. I use gift cards to upload money, because in the past I've had my account hack, and lots of money upload then trade and sold, I never got that money back, so I change useing give cards that way my back account is safe, and I can still upload money to pay my land rent in SL. So here my problem now that you know the back store, I used 3 25 dollar gift cards the other day (well 4 but one work) trying to upload 22.00 dollars into game, I got one to work but the other 3 are pending. Did you band my cards? Have you stop letting people use them? If so why, when this game is easy to hack and people cause have money taken from there RL bank accounts. If there is a way to fix this, or someone how get my 3 pending payments to get going so I can pay my land rent that be great. Thank you
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