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  1. For those of us that are re-sellers of transfer only non-identical items, everytime we sell something, it has to be manually replaced or re-loaded and all our items are always different. No 2 items are ever alike and none of these are copyable, so every day we must start brand new fresh item pages that are completely blank. In your case you are starting with an item that is copyable and once the package is loaded and the page is set you can more or less walk away. For us every time a new animal is born or a new trait comes along, it means a new page for every birth, and we go thru this anywhere from a half dozen times to 50 times a week or more as no two items are alike and we never have more than one of the same item to sell, so every day we must start with a blank "edit item listing" page and fill every field in from scratch. Every animal has its own ID code so no two are ever alike, and none are copy. When we sell an item, the folder goes empty and that page / item listing is history and will never be used again. Many of the items on the "edit item listing" page stay the same for any type of store, whether it is furniture, clothing, buildings, animals or whatever. Many of the fields on that page can be permanently setup in the merchant store setup page and would not need to be filled in each time in the "edit item listing" page. This would save huge amounts of time for everyone involved and make setting a store up and mantiaing it a lot easier for the system and its merchants and customers. I made several edits as I wrote and re-read that original post. Please re read it now and see if it makes any more sense.
  2. After 5 years of dealing with marketplace and all of it's twists and turns I have a few suggestions that would make things a lot faster and easier to load multiple items. Tonight I am loading 200+ Breedable animals to a site that has been wiped clean and re-branded and there are settings that could stay the same. For example, if there was a Field Lock checkbox for each selectable field it would be a huge huge timesaver. Here's what I mean; tonight I am working with breedable cats so they will all be the same amount of prim, they will all be cats, they will all be transfer only, they will all have "unpack" checked. If i Could lock those fields in at the start of the session that would save me 2500 mouse clicks right there. Another suggestion would to be able to use the "brand url" for more than just avatar clothing and accessories because for us this would be a great place to be able to set and lock the creators website to link back to the help pages and user forums. The "video url" field could be able to be used for more than videos, in this case, none of these have been born yet so there is nothing to watch and watching an animal turn from a box to an animal over 15 minutes time would make a pretty boring video because its a click and wait situation, but there are other things we could use that field for and once set you should be able to lock that field to the same link every time, same goes for the slurl. There should also be more than 1 additional url field. Social media fields would also be an advantage and since not everyone is into everything, just give us the ability to add up to a half dozen or so url fields and the ability to name them any way we need to and upload an icon or assign a button to each one would be huge. In the end 90% of the time the only things that will change for most items is the extended description and title and keywords and item pictures / textures. I have spoken with builders, clothing and accessory creators and other animal breeders and everyone I have ever spoken with this agrees with this and it would be a big huge step in making marketplace a lot easier to navigate and work with. A lot of this could be permanently set in the "merchant store setup". Having all of this set beforehand so all we need to do is change the item would be a major timesaver for everyone involved with marketplace for both the merchant and the customer. This would also enhance performance because if the all of the variable fields were permanently set, that is less for the server to change for each item and page as the only thing that changes is the item. One other thing and I have brought this up in here once before: this site used to have a different type of animal in it. In the "Quick Fill" button, there are now hundreds of old dead links that will never be used again that should be flushed from the servers. This is something the user / owner should be able to clean and remove ourselves and would also free hundreds of old dead links from the server system instead of waiting for them to fall out of the system over time. When dealing with animals that are all completely different because of traits or other reasons, as we sell one and replace it with another, each old link becomes worthless and there is nothing reusable since no two are ever fully exactly alike so the title and extended descriptions are NEVER the same, for us this is a useless field that just clogs and slows the server system down so this would benefit LLabs systems as well. Just like any web browser since this "store" has been re-branded, old history from the past is now useless information that can be disposed. A "start over" button in the merchant setups to " completely wipe past information and fully re-set this store" would be a huge advantage for both the customer and the server system performance. I would love to see some feedback on this and some upvotes from other residents, let's get this changed and modernize and optimize how we do things. One other thing: Speaking on just animals here, there are now so many cats and dogs, they should be categorily separated, cats, dogs, horses, tigers, and fantasy animals such as krafties, meeroos and the like, should each have separate search filters. This would make things a lot easier to find for the customer and to market for the merchant. As it stands currently, cats and dogs are grouped together and everything else is lumped into one group. Separating these would make things easier to find and also help reduce server load and page loading times. I am sure this would also apply to many other items. Marketplace has grown and changed a lot over the years and is much more reliable and robust than it used to be. Adding these suggestions would improve things even more for everyone involved.
  3. Hi everyone. I am putting this thread up to make a suggestion and I am asking anyone that agrees to add their post as well. We were all new at one point in here and I have a situation I have encountered several times over the years. Recently a new person moved on to my home sim and they are a young player. They have a tv and evidently have started a star wars movie, logged out and have been gone for 5 days now and it is still playing on repeat. The setting to "restrict all sounds to this parcel" needs to be enabled by default, and let the user choose to disable it as needed. This is just logical as new land owners do not always know the things to set land up properly. I have also had this problem on my Linden land and usually if you talk to them it is never a problem and most often they are not aware the setting even exists, all the more reason that it should be enabled by default. I can always mute my own sounds to stop it but the problem is also that I cannot use our tv or hear anything else either. I have left notecards and such but I also have a security system and they have not logged back in since this started or at the very least have not come back home to stop it yet. Either way, this should be a default setting when land is sold, rented or has changed hands. On by default, off by owner / renter choice. Would like to see some of your views and I think most experienced players would agree. Thanks
  4. I have been trying to find a place to voice a few concerns other than the bug tracker where one can speak in plain english. I have also tried to find answers to some of what I have issues with but the layout of this system is not easy to follow so I know this is well after the fact, but I will post this here so that possibly someone will see this and throw these thoughts into the VMM project. My partner and I are involved with several of the animal trades inworld and everything is trans only and we have various stores focused on each brand, breed or item that we deal with. I have items with one particular animal that sell out daily and spend every day dealing with failures and issues because of marketplace. I will try and keep this condensed as possible. One particular product we have to wait on the live animals to create and deliver items daily. Some days there may be 5 and some may be 55 or more. We try and keep 10 boxes of 10 of these various items instock daily as they sell out every day and is our highest demanded seller.There are three types, all identical. It takes multiple magic boxes and restocking several times daily to keep up. One of the biggest issues and I have dealt with this with marketplace with everything we have ever sold, when dealing with limited quantity items, the customer has no clue how many are in the system and may try to purchase 30 when there are only 3 there. The delivery fails and the link to the page breaks. This problem would dissapear completely if the people simply knew how many were in stock and I have never understood why this information is not shown in reasonably large print on the listing. This would have saved years of failures and support tickets. In the http this could be coded so that if someone tried to order more than what is in stock they would get a " not enough items in stock" warning and a "please set to a lower amount and try again" with a refresh button of some sort. The bottom line here, the amount in stock shows on the merhcants page, then it should not be hard to show it on the listing page. This is huge and should have been there from the very beginning. In other thoughts: I have seen several that feel they should be compansated for helping test the beta, but the bottom line, anyone that wants this to work better and are tired of the issues should be happy to help and I would gladly throw all 5 of our marketplace stores into this project if I could find someone to work with within the system. Looking at the big picture, with the new grid in the future, it would be adventageous to all if we could get this system updated, modernized and finally working the way it should have been to be ready for the future grid and what that will be rather than drag 12 years of issues onto the new grid, now is the time as the future is near. A bit of background here, I am a semi retired broadcast engineer and spent my life designing and building am/fm and television stations and systems and a trained troubleshooter and now own a small computer store in real life and am well versed in windows and others and a certified tech and reseller but I am a novice at LSL and things related to it but as a trained troubleshooter and having the daily MP sales to back up the problems we encounter I am here voluntarily to roll up my sleeves and get started. If a Linden wanted to speak to me I am very easy to find and am willing to help test products and viewers. it is easy to complain about problems and very few will want to roll in the dirt it takes to solve them but I would gladly bet a years tier that I spend more time in marketplace daily solving problems than any Linden does and I have the yearly sales to show I have made it work well since 2011 in this avatar and farther back than that. Secondlife is a user created world. It got here by hard work and dedication. If everyone felt like some of the others on this page then it never would have gotten this far. You get what you put in no matter what life it is. Now if the bug tracker was only done in plain english........
  5. Hi being a recent sim owner and still learning I have a question and I am hoping someone can answer. With winter coming soon and other seasons-- what I would like to do is keep my terrain height and terraforming as it is and be able to change the skin to a snow or winter based looking texture. Is this possible and if it is could someone direct me to where i can learn how? Thanks
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