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  1. I keep getting logged off sl when i try to click tp history groups and inventory and when i am able to move around i move very slowly i dont think the lag is that bad because everyone else is moving normally around me i have broadband internet
  2. How do I pay a friend when im not online
  3. inventory isnt loading any of my purchased items and i have IM the seller they resent them but still nothin is showing up
  4. Is there a way I can locate my old avatar information I have forgotten the name I used
  5. i bought a house and wanted to change just the wallpaper but it change the whole house and i cant tell where the doors are i just want to go back to orginal
  6. I accidentially hit a button in the advanced menu i think now my screen is very large how do i go back to my normal screen?
  7. We got married and the notecard said we would get a marriage cert. and rings for both of us but we havent got anything we paid for the 999L ceremory
  8. my apperance button is greyed out when i try to wear clothes in my library its give me Cant change clothes until clothing and shapes are loaded it has been saying that for about 3 hours
  9. I have been able to view my avatar since i joined now for the pass 2 days I have been a cloud on day one after reloading 4 times and resetting the cache i then had to remove my clothes and my avatar pop up as normal now today i cant see my avatart but people say they see me all i see is a cloud i have removed everything on me Please Help....
  10. Can I return a house I just bought last night I thought it came with land. I just want to rent for now...
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