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  1. Hi I cannot run seond life on my computer. Everytime I open it, it says my graphics card is out of date and I need to update it. Now I can run new games perfectly so I know that's not the problem. The problem I found is that the system requirements state that a NVIDIA 9000 series is needed and I have a NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS. Is there any way for me to run second life on this computer without upgrading the graphics card.
  2. Nevermind I fixed the login display issue. I just had to empty my cache. However no matter what region I try and login to the region handshake fails so I cannot login. Any ideas for this problem?
  3. Hi I am ruuning Ubuntu 10.04 and on viewer 2 it won't display the login options. Now I have used second life on this computer before but this was a few months ago and yes it was viewer 2. Does anyone have any ideas?
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