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  1. You are right. The question is not clear. I am looking for a rough approximation for the number of objects that are rendered in the whole Second Life. Thanks to Peewee, Ciaran and Lyre I obtained an approximation for the number of prims. Then, I made a little experiment with 50000 objects to have an idea about the average number of prims per object. The result was 5.65 prims per object. I think this data will be enough to move on with the study for now. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for additional explanation. That helps, too.
  3. Thank you, Ciaran. That surely will help.
  4. May I ask where did you get this number from?
  5. For an accessibility study, I need to learn the total number of objects in the Second Life? I know that it changes every second so an approximation is enough for me. I would appreciate a reference supporting the count, though. Thanks.
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