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  1. Looking to sell this parcel now before its abandoned..its a very nice hillside parcel with a proteceted waterfront so you can sail the linden seas...the region also has good traffic Only 9985L !!
  2. there has been no offeres for auction...i have now placed the land for sale at 4995L
  3. ***parcel is now rented*** im me for other parcels i have availiable
  4. ahh i understand...so how do i find these sl feeds? also, is there an unofficial forum out there that is active ?
  5. i have been in sl a year now and a regular forum user, not just in sl but on various forums for different things...i was wondering..the whole sl forum doesnt appear to be very active in comparison to ther forums. Is this the norm for the offical sl forums or is there another forum elsewhere that is more active? thanks for your responses.
  6. i have recently sold parcels on this sim...but yet to recieve an auction bid of 1L so far...come on this is a nice protected riverfront parcel to pick up cheap :-)
  7. This gorgeous protected riverfront parcel is available to rent. As you can see its already landscaped with a very good, detailed house on the lot. Your free to use this or rezz your own http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jenner/115/20/21
  8. We are renting this gorgeous little secluded parcel located within a valley which boasts a protected riverfront so you can sail the linden seas. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deimos/240/143/23
  9. The price i have set is way below for that area....but as my post says..this is a auction so if somebody offers me 1L and thats the highest bid then thats what they pay :-) Sorry but i didnt fully understand your reply too...this isnt a 512sqm parcel its a 4000sqm protected waterfront lot.
  10. I have now decided to auction this land for sale http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Parcels-for-Sale-Mainland/Best-offer-and-its-yours/td-p/1423247
  11. Iam now looking to auction off the last of my foxfield parcels. The best offer i receive by the 20th March wins the land. This is a protected riverfront parcel on a very nice quiet sim with nice neighbours. 4000sqm 915 prims *** The parcel is up for sale already at a very low 9985L price !! ***DONT MISS THIS OFFER** http://slurl.com/secondlife//41/126/27
  12. I have a parcel for rent in the Foxfield sim...This is a very peacful parcel with very friendly neighbours. With a protected waterfront river your free to sail the linden seas 4000 sqm 914 prims 1250 per week If you rent for 4 weeks i will gladly give you a rebate of 500 lindens :-) The rental box is at the back left of the parcel...im me with any questions. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Foxfield/51/116/27
  13. I'am negotiating with various sellers about buying in Bay city...in the meantime i think i would like to rent a 1024sqm parcel...does anybody know if people in sl advertise inworld there rental lands?
  14. As above, please contact me inworld if you have this requierement...thanks.
  15. Iam selling another of my beautiful parcels...again way below what other lands in this area are selling for. This foxfield land is located on a very peaceful sim with nice neighbours with a river at the front of the parcel that stretches out to linden seas. I will consider sub-diving the lot if you require. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Foxfield/31/117/27
  16. Beautiful mountainside parcel with a protected waterfront 4sale located on a nice quiet sim. i will be selling this way below the market price in comparison to other local parcels. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mallard/216/136/38
  17. I am looking to sell a very pretty parcel located in one of second lifes oldest sims....as above one side is waterfront protected. I am willing to sell this land way below the average market price for this area. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jenner/115/20/23
  18. I have a small project i would like completing within a quick timescale. So, looking for the help of a good quality builder with a creative mind. contact me inworld - 74Theo74
  19. looking for a landscaper who consders themselves "top class" at landscaping parcels...my parcel is on a hillside and will be a challenge. im me inworld 74Theo74
  20. Beautiful 2048qm/468 prims parcel for sale with proteceted waterfront. Nice square parcel located on a nice sim in a valley. Great price and value in comparison to other parcels in this area 15000L http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deimos/230/143/22
  21. my issue has been resolved :matte-motes-asleep-2:
  22. ive recently renewed my premium membership and purchased some land upto tier level 25usd. it shows on my sl account that my nextbilling day is the 24th march...do sl not take the 25usd off me now? i can see they have took the payment for my premium membership but as i say not for the tier...also i was thinking of going upto 40usd tier level..will this be the case again that LL wont take the 1st payment until 24th of march? i been trying to contact support but having probs. thanx for your help.
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